🧵$ZOOM Utilities

Revenue Sharing

Token Holders will be able to stake $ZOOM on our website to claim trade revenue and other revenue sources such as advertising. In specifics, 30% revenue sharing from trading fees (Every DEX transactions on CZ will be charged fee as 0.5% of the volume) and 30% revenue sharing from advertise revenue.

The minimum required staking amount is $1K worth of ZOOM.

In the case stakers do not claim rewards, ETH will be auto swapped to $ZOOM token to be restaked and continue to earn rewards. This ensures a continue buying pressure for $ZOOM token while users can implement a set-and-forget staking strategy.

Buyback and Burn

In addition to revenue sharing, a portion of revenue will be used to buy back $ZOOM and burn, decreasing the total supply and creating a stable price floor. Specifically, 30% of trading fees and 20% of advertise revenue to purchase and burn token.

The remaining revenue will return to the team to support operations and marketing expenses.

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